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About Us

The current range of funding options available to growing businesses is extensive, rapidly growing & continuing to evolve. Due to this growth and complexity, the sources of funding information are vast and yet provide no clear direction as the best solution for businesses.

In recognition of this, we have developed www.informedfunding.com, a free platform that connects businesses to finance in a unique, independent, way. This is a major collaborative initiative that was launched in February 2015, and has since grown to be the largest platform of its type, offering the highest number of funding options in the UK.

Informed Funding is a free online information resource designed to help growing businesses identify the range of options available to them to raise finance. It offers a combination of bite-sized factual information and guidance, along with self-service online tools that enable users to hone in on the providers who best match their needs.

A wide range of finance providers have a presence within Informed Funding, many with dedicated micro- sites, where they are able to set out their offering, provide updated information on their services and receive direct contact from companies and their advisers.

The aim of the site is to use technology to break down the traditional barriers between different types of funding and make a wide range of sources accessible, understandable and searchable using criteria that can be refined according to individual businesses’ needs and priorities.

The service also provides a suite of online tools that enables companies to specify their needs in some detail and how to search the market for suitable providers.

As evidenced with what we have developed at Knowledge Peers, we really do believe in harnessing as much relevant experience as possible.

To register for free with Informed Funding and to find funding options to suit your business, follow our 5 easy steps, starting with registering for an account here.

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