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The team at Informed Funding have extensive experience in the UK growth company space – as Entrepreneurs, Advisors and Investors. We have extensive connections to a wide range of Funders (in the UK and globally), and have a clear understanding of what Investors and Lenders look for in a growing business.

"Companies that attend accelerators raise 44% more money than those that don’t. They are also 75% more valuable." 


This 6 month programme of support offers incredible value for money, when compared to the costs of employing or hiring accountants and consultants to drive your business to an “Investment Ready” state. Take ownership and control of your company investment readiness here!

We are independent of all Government funding and are not influenced by the needs of any particular funder. Our whole approach is to help businesses, and those who lead them, improve their financial viability as rapidly as possible.

Who is this for?

Private, entrepreneur led, companies that anticipate raising Equity, Debt or Grants within the next 12 months. It particularly suits business that have a tech, digital or creative focus.  Our first Cohort is targeted at companies seeking to raise £500,000 to £2million in Seed Capital/Series A or other forms of finance.


The IAP will help business leaders, directors and founders to:

Assess company investment readiness | Improve funding & financial awareness | Develop business & working capital mode | Understand what Investor & Lender expect from a business | Develop a pitch | Understand Deal Negotiations and Term Sheets

1:1 Guidance

One of the Informed Funding team will act as confidential advisor/mentor over the course of the programme. We will be available by phone/email to give any immediate advice, but will also plan in a formal review meeting each month, typically lasting an hour. Time will be dedicated to reviewing and challenging business plans and/or pitch decks.

expert webinars

Monthly Group Workshops, helping both you and your business become investment ready. Each jargon busting session will be attended by experts in their field, and you will be expected to put in some advanced preparation and leave with a set of actions

Workshops include:

  • Investment readiness

  • What the Investor and Lender expect from you.

  • Developing your business and working capital models.

  • Improving your own financial awareness.

  • Developing a pitch

  • Deal negotiations and Term Sheets

access to funders

At the appropriate time during the six month programme, we will assist in making introductions to potential investors, and help with making you “pitch ready”. We are experienced at organising virtual pitch sessions in front of an audience of investors.

We have a number of Investors who have committed to reviewing and providing feedback on Investor Decks produced by Programme Participants. These funders may not look at your plan if you approach them directly

What happens at the end of the six months?

At the end of the Investment Accelerator we will provide you with an agreed action plan to help implement what has been covered during the Programme. We will also stay in touch, and be there for you when it is time for your to go out and pitch.


What does it cost and what is the commitment??

The Commitment from participants:

  • Two members of your team will need to engage in the Programme, including one Board member.

  • Each Programme lasts six months, and we limit participation to 10 companies per cohort.

  • Attendance at Workshops and monthly review meetings, including any preparation required.

  • To be as open and informative as possible – Informed Funding will work to an NDA, but we cannot help if we don’t get under the skin of you and your business!

Your company investment of just £1,250 plus VAT per month

(or one up front payment of £6,375 plus VAT)

In addition, we charge a commission on any funds raised during the programme or in a subsequent 12 month period after the programme ends.

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